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Grade: 9c
First Ascent: Adam Ondra
FA Date: 2017-09-03
Location: Norway, Flatanger
Repeated by:
Videos: Ondra

Spots of Time

Grade: 9A
First Ascent: Aidan Roberts
FA Date: 2024
Location: United Kingdom, Lake District
Repeated by:


Grade: 9c
First Ascent: Sebastien Bouin
FA Date: 2022-04-29
Location: France, Verdon Gorge
Repeated by:
Videos: Bouin

Soudain Seul

Grade: 9A
First Ascent: Simon Lorenzi
FA Date: 2021-02-08
Location: France, Fontainebleau
Repeated by: Nicolas Pelorson , Camille Coudert
Videos: Pelorson, Coudert


Grade: 9c
First Ascent: Jakob Schubert
FA Date: 2023-09-20
Location: Norway, Flatanger
Repeated by:
Videos: Schubert

Return of the Sleepwalker

Grade: 9A
First Ascent: Daniel Woods
FA Date: 2021-03-30
Location: USA, Red Rock
Repeated by: William Bosi
Videos: Woods, Bosi